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A sweep or RIP through, is a big part of the game of basketball. However, a lot of players do not use it the right way, or they are not as efficient with it as they could be. There are 2 main types of sweeps you will use in a game.

One type of sweep you can use is right when you catch the ball, and the other is out of the triple threat position. Both are basketball fundamentals that every player should learn, and do their best to master.

This video is going to explain how to do a sweep out of the triple threat position and then also have a player demonstrate the move so that you can see exactly how it is done. A big key to this move is being able to square up your defender in triple threat position and then being able to read them.

How To- Sweep Basketball Move! [2]

How to sweep basketball move. In this video master the sweep basketball move and be ready for part two! [2]

When one team wins all of its games against another team in a particular set of games, it is said to have swept the other team. The reason you’re hearing it so much now is that the NBA playoffs are organized into best four out of seven series. For a team to move on to the next round of the playoffs, it must beat its opponent four times within those seven games. If it were a set of three games instead of seven, a team would have to win a majority of two out of the three to win the series. If a team gets to having won a majority of the games in a series by winning consecutive games, they have swept the series. [3]

The Sweep Stick

The Sweep Stick is a basketball training aid that gives players and coaches at all levels a tangible goal and immediate feedback when sweeping the ball. It is portable, yet adheres to the gym floor via friction technology. It can be used while training individually, groups, and enhances a multitude of drills.

How to Perform a Basketball  (external link) Sweep

How to Perform a Basketball Sweep [4]

Hi, How are you doing? My name is Monty Gray with One on One Basketball. Today we are talking about offensive moves on the perimeter in basketball. Once you have mastered getting in open, and once you have mastered actually receiving the basketball, it's now time to make your move to the basket and threaten the defense. The first move I am going to talk about is the Sweet move and the sweet move again is once you receive the ball on the perimeter and what you are basically going to do is you are going to catch it and you are going to make a Sweet move, you are going to bring the ball all the way down to your opposite knee and you are going to step right by your defender and it carries you all the way to the basket. This is a great move, if you are coming from across the court and you are coming all the way across, you defender does not have the opportunity to counteract and to stop that move, if you do it nice and quick and go to the basket. That was the first thing that I would do, if you want to try to make a quick motion to the basket and that is the Sweet move. The next basketball movement we are going to do is actually the Flair. [4]

Sweep Stick Basketball Drills - Youth Progression [5]

Sweep in Sports:
• Sweep (American football), a running play in American football
• Sweep (martial arts), the name used for two categories of martial arts techniques
• Sweep (rowing), also used historically
• A Sweep in cricket, a shot played in cricket
• A nickname for football player Shaun Wright-Phillips
• Sweep, winning a series or contest without any losses, including
. • Winning 3-0 in Major League Baseball Division Series
. • Winning 4-0 in the Major League Baseball World Series
. • Winning 4-0 in the basketball NBA Finals
. • Winning 4-0 in the ice hockey Stanley Cup Finals

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111217 ~ About the Sweep Stick Basketball Drills
Here are some sweep stick progressions that will improve your ball handling, reduce turnovers by improving ball toughness, and improve your ability to blow by the defense. While these are beginner progressions, you can use the sweep stick with advanced drills as well. [6]

Duane Jourdeans

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