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FGA and Shooting Foul

Case Study
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Event: When a Shooting Foul is called ?
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When a player is fouled in the act of shooting while going to the basket, so we have a "shooting foul" :

a.- when the player is fouled as soon as he ends the dribble; or
b.- when the player had to at least make some attempt at throwing the ball towards his basket ?


Statistics Analysis Philosophy:
The rule-books describe it as the "habitual motion" that precedes a shot. About this are we speaking ? But I don't think that it's only to "make" a shooting movement, but to really attempt at throwing the ball, in order to be called a 'shooting foul'.

Trying to give an example about that "habitual motion" that precedes a shot, which is certainly possible for a shot attempt to begin as soon as the player picks up his dribble: the most common example is a layup. In this instance, the player intends to shoot well before the dribble is picked up, but by rule, it is only a shooting foul if the dribble has ended.

The concept that the player must make a throwing motion in order for it to be a shooting foul seems to convey no meaning. The player must intend to do so, but if contact prevents the completion of the shot, it can still be a shooting foul.

An example about this concept: A1 is a few feet away from the basket, facing the side of the backboard. When A1 starts what appears to be a try for a goal, he is in front of the backboard and well positioned to score. B1 illegally bumps A1 while A1 is airborne, moving A1 to a position where he is now behind the backboard. A1 (still airborne) now realizes that a shot is impossible from behind the backboard, so he passes the ball to A2, who is standing near the free-throw line.

The referee must call a foul on B1 and award two shots to A1, as he was in the act of shooting when the contact happened, on the contrary it would penalize the shooter because he was smart enough to try and continue playing. The fact that he eventually passed the ball is really of no consequence.

Every time the official judges that the player is making a continuous attempt for goal, they get shots, no matter how early in the drive the contact occurs, no matter if the drive is completed or no.

The eBA Basketball  (external link) Statistics Tracking is simple:
Record a made foul and a received foul and the result of the free throws, simply. If there was a pass before the action, it would be considered an assist with foul.

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