Double Elbow; Basketball ( Videos )

Double Elbow:

The double stack screeners in Basketball  (external link) need to set a good solid screen and the shooter needs to read if the defender is going to go under or over the screens. Having a good out of bounds plays can be the difference in a game. When you practice them make sure that you practice them full speed and talk about the different looks that the inbounder needs to make on the pass.

Double Elbow Screen

Being a good basketball scorer depends so much on reading the defense, and being able to score within the offense. The basketball double elbow play makes the defender decide whether he is going to chase over top of the screen or go under. If he goes under the shooter will stop and shoot the 3 if he chases over the sweep and drive to the basket is going to be available. [2]

San Antonio Elbow DHO Basketball Play

Even if you are a coach who doesn’t like running sets and prefers teaching your players how to play (versus how to run plays), you can still utilize the Elbow Series to its’ fullest! While there are several different plays that you can call out from the bench, the majority of the actions are a result of how the defense is guarding. [5]

Celtics Double Elbow Dive Screen Roll Option Offense

1. The corner made by the intersection of the free throw line and the lane line. Each lane area has two elbows.
2. An attempted or actual elbow strike. Especially violent examples are typically called as flagrant fouls.
3. The court area where the free-throw line meets the side of the 3-second lane.
4. The Double Elbow Basketball Play explained in this page. [6]

FIBA: Spain "Elbow" Series

FIBA: Spain "Elbow" Series. Spain run a lot of their offense out of the Elbows. Here are some sets they favored. Enjoy! [7]
In this Video from FIBA presented by eBA Basketball statistics Analysis Group.


240517 ~ About the NBA Elbow Series
All the talk among basketball gurus these days is about how the NBA game is now moving into the college ranks. Well, I agree to the extent that ballscreens are more prevalent in college basketball but there are still some facets of the NBA that have not yet made their way into the college ranks. One of these concepts is the Elbow Series. Stan Van Gundy had his Orlando Magic teams running this set better than anyone in the league for several years. The success that Van Gundy had really revolved around the personnel that he had on the floor. One of the best line-ups that had much success was the five of Jameer Nelson, JJ Redick, Rashard Lewis, Ryan Anderson, and Dwight Howard. Those five guys were so good at reading the offense and playing off of each other.
kylegilreath from http://bit.ly/2jXjEAw (external link)

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