When executing a Basketball  (external link) L-Cut you start at the block on the edge of the free throw lane and walk your defender up the side of the lane . When your teammate is ready to deliver the pass you step into the defender , make contact , and change speeds quickly by pushing off of your inside foot to pop out to the wing .

3 STEPS TO GET OPEN FOR THE BASKETBALL L-Cut ( from How to Coach Youth Basketball  (external link) )

1 - Threaten the basket - 2-3 steps

2 - Turn and come to the ball

3 - Give a Target on your outside ear - Catch - square to triple threat

3 steps TO GET open FOR THE BASKETBALL L-Cut. In this Photograph Offered by #eBAStatsGroup #BasketballStatistics Analysis .

Remind the kids to make an L-Cut , instead of an I-Cut . The path they take to threaten the basket , must be different than the path they take to the basketball.

The L-Cut will cause the defender the change the line of their feet. It is changing the line of the defender's feet, that gives the offensive player the advantage to get open to receive the basketball.

Developing this basketball skill, the L-Cut, is more important to the youth player than being tall, strong, fast, or quick. It is the proper use of the feet and knowing How to Play that will make the most difference to the kids.

Many times the kids start to feel not quick enough or fast enough to get open when guarded by a more physically superior player. It is important to convince the kids that if they learn to use their feet, and execute a proper L-Cut, they will GET OPEN and get the basketball!

( Read more and watch the video at How to Coach Youth Basketball  (external link) )


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