Cutthroat Drill

Cutthroat Drill:
Play three-on-three or four-on-four basketball  (external link) game called cutthroat which is hugely effective in teaching kids how to move.
The rules are simple.

1) The game is best played with three or more teams of four ( any leftover players can be rotated in at your discretion ). To minimize confusion, each team should have its own practice jersey.

2) Every player on a team must touch the ball at least once before any shot can go up.

3) If a player catches the ball and fails to face the basket in triple threat position before dribbling or passing, it is a turnover.

4) If a player passes the ball, then fails to cut to the basket and fill to an open spot or go screen for a teammate, it´s also a turnover.

5) A player can dribble no more than three times - either to open up a passing lane or to attack the basket .

6) Only the coach is allowed to officiate. Points are automatically and instantly deducted any time a player protests a call.

7) One point is awarded for each basket made, one point for each offensive rebound, and one point for each steal ( unforced turnovers don´t count ! ).

At every change of possession ( turnover and defensive rebound ) and at every made basket , the ball is passed back to the coach.

If there´s been a change of possession , the offensive team *sprints* off the floor and the defensive team goes to offense. The third team, waiting on the baseline, *sprints* onto the court and matches up on defense.

The coach encourages this quick change over by passing the ball to the offensive team almost as soon as he receives it.

After a made basket , however, it is the defensive team that vacates the floor. The offense stays on as long as they continue to score, which they can only do by passing and cutting and staying in motion.


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