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According to the modern SEO trends, we are concentrating our daily communication with our 132,473 registered members only in our social networking sites: Google +, Twitter, Basketball Community, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Therefore from this new issue of our Semiannual Newsletter we only present the heading in summary and links of the articles, news and activities of the eBA Stats Group, being able to read the full contents, and watch the basketball coaching videos, plays diagrams and photographs and albums online just here updated daily (Monday through Thursday)
up-to-date December 18th., 2017.

Then, please bookmark this page ( press the Ctrl [PCs] or Command [Macs] and "D" keys on your keyboard ) to be always updated.

Also, due to the fact that in some social networks we have reached the maximum number of people that can be in our circles, since a month ago all reports, posts and advertisements are published in both languages (English and Spanish) in all our social networks, whether in source language Spanish or English!

See below the links to all our 12 Sites in English of the eBA Stats Group, and join our movement!

And you can also view our featured article of the week, follow our news and your country news, through our Saturday's Weekly: The eBA Stats Group Weekly Herald !

We are convinced that in this way we will be in daily contact through our Social Networks and in the most modern and efficient way possible!

By means of our email, we will be permanently in touch just here!

Thank you very much for your continued support!

The eBA Stats Group


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The eBA Stats Group, with our 20 websites, is present in all those SPNS (social or professional networking sites).

But instead of going to the uncontrolled and unqualified quantity, we are building social network targeted audiences: therefore in our networks we only receive and look for basketball professionals, followers or supporters in general, and/or belonging to our specific area: the basketball statistics creative analysis !

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Currently we group ( updated to October 1st, 2017) :

3,952 Professionals contacted in LinkedIn;
17,76K Subscribers in Google + English and Google + Basketball Community;
12,99K Subscribers in Google + Spanish and Google + Comunidad de Baloncesto;
37,52K Subscribers in Facebook English (Page + Profile);
39,23K Subscribers in Facebook Spanish (Page + Profile);
4,732 Contacts Following Us and our 5,580 Tweets in Twitter English;
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1,268 Subscribers & 37 Contributors in the new eBA sketball Great Debate Blog;
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As well as ...
29,9167 Registered Members, 46262 Posts and 9,025 Topics in our eBA sketball Statistics Forums
1,492 Editors and 1,414 Publishers Registered Members in our WIKI eBA sketball Encyclopedia
23,998,009 visitors to our eBA Portal in our first 18 years and 3 months !

... and the next 2017 Newsletter will be sent out ~ in English and Spanish ~
to 132,473 ( and counting ) Subscribers, eBA Full Registered Members, including 15378 Basketball Websites Linked, 198 Basketball and Sports Targeted Mailing Lists with 1000 / 8500 members each one and the Basketball Clubs and Federations Associated with the eBA Stats Group ® !

You are All Welcome !

UPDATE JULY 1st, 2017:

Over the next two months, July and August, the eBA Stats Group will be at our traditional vacations, when half of the the registered memeber enjoy their summer, while the rest stay "at home", next to the heater, ordering the next season ! Happy Holidays !

We will, however, cover the EuroBasket FIBA 2017 (August 31 / September 17, 2017) in a NEW COLLECTION at Google+ COLLECTIONS !
Follow us on Google+ COLLECTIONS! Enjoy it !

Best Regards
eBA Stats Group

UPDATE JULY 31th, 2016:

The eBA Basketball Statistics Annual Clinic, carried out with the graduates of the courses until 2013, has achieved its goal in the last semester and closes its doors after 6 academic years, being completed the task of the 2017 Edition of the eBA Basketball Statistics Book program.
The eBA Stats Team and the 359 Courses Graduates will work now in groups under the supervision of the Prof. Roberto Azar, in order to edit of the final version of the eBA System - The Basketball Statistics Creative Analysis

UPDATE AUGUST 31th, 2016:

The eBA Stats Group LEAVE FACEBOOK! ( read here why ? )
Our contents, articles and notes LEAVE FACEBOOK, and in our Facebook only will stay the announcements about the publications in our new page!
All our contents, articles and notes are from now in our NEW COLLECTIONS of Google + in
Please join us !

UPDATE JUNE 30th, 2016:

To our registered members and hundreds of daily visitors, we apologize for the problems of access to our websites occurred until the month of June.
This was the result of the poor choice of our previous server: HostGator ... as its name indicates a cheap price but a hosting and supports service definitely horrible ...
Today we have returned to our roots, from where we never should have gone, and our websites are being served by Namecheap, the best hosting in the world, said that after 18 years on the net!
Apologies again, and now to enjoy the excellent Namecheap hosting service!
Welcome everyone!

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